General Order Information:

Orders placed prior to our December 6th cut off have guaranteed Christmas arrival. Anything placed after that cannot be guaranteed, but we are working night and day to package and ship orders.  Right now, we are experiencing major item shortages, and delays on receiving items from vendors. If you placed an order for an item that we do not have in stock, and will not be getting in a reasonable amount of time, that item will be automatically cancelled and refunded. You will receive a cancellation email, and the remaining items on your order will ship as soon as they are ready. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Q: My order may not arrive in time, can I cancel it?

A: All orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order, if it has not shipped. After 24 hours we are unable to cancel any order, for any reason, and cannot provide refunds for orders that do not arrive in time if ordered after the cut off shipping time.

Q: I ordered a gift basket, but didn't leave a note, can I have a note added?

A: If you have not checked out yet, there is a button that says "Is this a gift?" on the checkout page underneath UPDATE CART. Then you can fill out your TO, FROM, and gift message. If you have placed an order and missed this, simply send an email with your order number in the subject field, and include your note in the email to cs@madeinthemittenstore.com.

Q: When order / gift basket ship?

A:  Gift baskets are made when all items in them are available. Orders with multiple products may simply be waiting on one item to arrive. Our artists and vendors drop off products when they sell. If your item is sold out and will not be restocked in a reasonable amount of time, that item will be cancelled and the rest will ship. This is to avoid any delays in shipment via USPS or UPS causing items not arrive in a timely manner. 

Q: What is your return / exchange policy?

A: At this time we are unable to accept any returns for any reason. We carry the work of more than 120+ small individual businesses, and they are paid every month for their sales. We are unable to request payment back from a sale. If you received an item that is defective, email us right away so that we can make it right.

If you need to exchange apparel, you will need to authorize your return first, and ship back your product at your own cost for the replacement to be shipped back to you. Any items that are returned worn, used, or soiled will not receive an exchange nor refund.

Q: My ordered arrived broken. What is my next step?



Did your order arrived broken? Here are the steps to take to replace your order. Please remember, we are closed December 26th through Jan 31st.

1. File a claim with USPS or UPS to get your original purchase refunded in full. This process is not done through Made In The Mitten. These funds will allow you to place another order for shipment.

2. Place a new order on our website to start a new order and receive a new package.


To file a domestic claim, you will need:

  • A tracking or label number -  The tracking or label number is found on your online label record, package label, mailing receipt, or sales receipt. Tracking and label numbers are between 13 and 34 characters.
  • Proof of value - Proof of value can include one of the following:
    – a sales receipt (your email confirmation from our order)
    – a paid invoice or paid bill of sale
    – a credit card 
    – printouts of the online transaction identifying the purchaser and seller, price paid, date of transaction, description of item purchased, and assurance that the transaction status is completed
  • Evidence of insurance purchased, each package automatically has $50 in insurance.
  • This includes:
    – the outer packaging showing the names and addresses of the sender and the addressee and the proper label showing that the article was sent insured
    – a printed electronic online label record or a computer printout from the application used to print the label and purchase the insurance
  • Proof of damage - Photos that clearly show the extent of damage will help with your case. If you received something damaged, please hang onto the original packaging and the damaged item until your claim is settled. You may be asked to take them to your local Post Office™ for inspection later. Please do not reship the package.

 If you have questions please email us at cs@madeinthemittenstore.com

Q: How quickly will my order ship?

A: Most orders ship within 2 businesses days if your product is in stock and ready to go. Some products may take up to 2 weeks to create and have the vendor drop off at the shop for your order to ship. This is typical with signs and apparel / onesies / women's clothing. These products will have that listed in the description of the product. Gift Baskets during Christmas may take approx 5 business days to create and ship. If you have questions about how fast an item can ship, email us prior to ordering at cs@madeinthemittenstore.com

Q: Does ordering Priority shipping mean my order will ship faster?

A: NO, order processing times vary order by order. Paying for Priority Shipping does not mean it will leave our warehouse quicker. You will receive email updates on your estimated delivery time. Once your order shipped, USPS Priority Mail service will make it arrive faster. 

Q: I am an artist, can I come in and pitch my products in person?

A:  In respect to our customers, we ask that you do NOT pitch products to us during store hours. Rather, prefer that you complete the online application and wait to hear from a member of our staff.

Q: I bought a mug or product, and it said Made In China on it. Why?

A: The goal of Made In The Mitten is to promote shopping local and small whenever possible. Sometimes this is not possible when it comes to purchase blanks or materials to create designs. If your mug says Made In China, that means the physical mug was made there, but a small businesses designed the pattern, printed and pressed it physically on to the mug. As of right now, there is no bulk blank mug maker in the state of Michigan to purchase from.

When we order blank t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc, we only order from Michigan companies, even though there is not a Michigan textile mill. You cannot physically purchase a Made In Michigan blank t-shirt.

Q: Do you only carry things Made In Michigan?

A: No. In fact we have some products from all over the United States. Our motto is 90% Michigan, 10% Made In USA, 100% Small Businesses. We have a "MADE IN USA" section of our store that features Michigan themed, and Michigan inspired products from fellow small businesses in different states. Some of these makers were Michigan residents who have since moved out of state but still create work. We are a firm believer in putting Michigan businesses first, and also supporting small businesses using Made In USA materials and work.