Made In The Mitten works with companies and groups of all sizes to provide a tailored solution for your gifting needs. We focus on working with more than 200+ small businesses to create the perfect and heartfelt gift for your team, family, group, etc. You can provide your own items for our team to assemble, or work with local businesses to find the right items to meet your needs. We’ll ensure on-time delivery with added hand-finished touches that produce a gift that is both memorable and sure to be appreciated.

A genuine connection serves as the best way for a business to bolster customer or employee loyalty, as people who feel valued keep coming back to use your service, or work hard for you in return. In a world where some companies are more concerned with closing a sale than with the happiness of their customers and employees, genuine care is essential. Almost every gift basket we create benefits Michigan charities and minority owned businesses as well.

To work with our team and build a custom solution for you, please fill out our contact form and a gifting specialist will contact you shortly!