Meet Petoskey and Pine

Meet Petoskey and Pine


When did you start your craft / making your work?

We started back in 2014 just for fun.

Why did you choose to showcase your work at Made In The Mitten? 

We felt that being in a Michigan made store would be the perfect fit for our products and what better place than Royal Oak.

What is your goal for your business?

To provide people with high quality products while always having fun and representing the state of Michigan.

What is something you want people to know about your business?

We are just a husband and wife team and we make all our products out of our home here in southeast Michigan. Our business would not exist if it did not represent Michigan.

What do you find rewarding in this business? 

Interacting with people, especially at our craft shows. It is this interaction that lets us know what people like, the types of scents that people look for, and it gives us a chance to see our loyal customers.

What inspires you the most when creating your work?

The inspiration comes from not wanting to be the same as everyone else. We would have never started this business if we were going to make products that already exist. We have to create our own style and our own scents.

What is your biggest pet peeve about the crafting / selling business?

People who assume that our products are expensive. Quality handcrafted products that we produce are going to cost more than the cheap stuff they produce overseas in a massive factory. But the value is there! You are buying a premium product so the price will be higher but you will notice the quality and the difference.

What is the best advice you’ve received when it comes to your business? Any advice for new and beginner artists? 

The best advice we’ve received is to keep proper records in all aspects of the business. It’s easy to forget some things you purchased, like the $2 item from Michael’s, but that is a business expense and every little bit counts. 

A piece of advice for beginning artists is to be observant and aware of the market. Create your art the way you love it but keep your eyes open to your competition and what they are doing. Listen to the customers wants and their requests. See what new technology is out and how people are living their lives. You have to be constantly adjusting to the times or you may get passed by. You must stay true to your roots but be a bit flexible with the little stuff like taking credit cards instead of just cash or taking more pictures of animals instead of just mountain ranges. There is no correct road to success, just stay true to your art and be friendly to people.

Do you participate in craft shows / pop ups? What is your favorite to be an artist at?

We do a lot of craft shows throughout the year, our favorites are generally towards the Christmas season because they are indoors, so weather isn’t a concern and we get to bring out our seasonally line up of products which are generally our favorite. 

Is Die Hard A Christmas movie? What about Gremlins?

Die Hard and Gremlins are both extremely overrated, and we stand by our statement.

Favorite Faygo Pop Flavor? 

Red Pop all day!



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