Burst Into Bloom Waxed Canvas Clutch

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This is a very sweet and versatile fold over clutch with hand waxed canvas. The waxed base makes the clutch sturdy. Most of our customers love to use these to tuck into larger totes or diaper bags to carry and grab when running into a store. This is also a great pouch for your craft supplies.


▶ All bags are lined with a printed cotton. The prints and colors will always coordinate with the outer print but will vary based on what we have in stock.

▶ Pockets are not included in our fold over clutches but can be added with a customization if desired

▶ This bag measures approx 11.5" across and 12" tall

▶ Because each bag is handmade just for you, it may differ slightly from the photo. Colors in the photos may show differently on your screen. 

▶ The colors in the bag are a cool gray with white arrows, brown base

▶ We wax our own canvas here with a beeswax blend.