Made In Michigan Coffee, Tea & Honey Gift Box

Made In Michigan Coffee, Tea & Honey Gift Box


Shipping Time

Please make sure to place your gift basket order at LEAST two weeks before you'd like the item to arrive. USPS and UPS expect very long delays.


1 Bag of Detroit Bold Traditions Coffee ( or Woodward Blend if options is sold out at the time of order)

1 Package of Traverse City Cherry Bing Tea

1 Small Honey Bear - 2oz (May be replaced with the a 2oz cherry honey bear if options is sold out)

Assorted Michigan Saltwater Taffy 


If a gift basket is sold out of an item, you will be contacted for a comparable substitution if it is not listed here. If you would like a note to be sent with your gift basket FREE of charge, please email us at after your purchase with the exact wording, TO:, FROM:, etc.